So how did all this nonsense start?

“B.G.” (Before Gopherbroke), there was Detoit’s Famous “Stonefront”, “The Chosen Few”, “”Tobias”, Contraband Ltd.”, and others. This is where we all “cut our Gopher teeth”!!!

“GopherBroke” was initially formed in 1974, when 2 other local groups disbanded. Out of that, 4 members of “Streetnoise” and 2 from “No Fault” created something new. We played tons of bars, private parties and weddings in the Detroit area.

Then……..bands being bands…..we disolved, but remained friends.

There was a “GopherBroke Gap” for about 40 years!

Lead vocalist and harmonica player Mike Shields and his wife moved to Las Vegas in 1993. While there, he played in several bands, including “Common Ground”, “Full House”, “Last Call”, and the infamous “Wet Paint”! He also was blessed to be in the backup band of the Legendary Moody Scott. During those years the remaining members of GopherBroke continued to play in Detroit area band including “Cheyenne” and “Soul Provider”.

Mike moved back to the Detroit area in 2018, tracked down the remaining members of “GopherBroke” and “Soul Provider”, and like Jake and Elwood Blues, “put the band back together!! “

GopherBroke has been providing great music, fun, and a professional, interactive performance. A guaranteed good time every time!! Let us make your event/party/festival memorable!!